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Our curriculum and play at MyTea Tykes is based on the following guidelines to ensure your child is developing appropriately; socially, emotionally, intellectually, and physically:

1. Social/Emotional/Personal Development
    a. Self concepts
        1. Demonstrates self – confidence
        2. Show some self direction
    b. Self Control
        1. Uses classroom material respectfully
        2. Follows simple classroom rules/routines
        3. Manages transitions and adapts to changes in routine
    c. Approaches to Learning
        1. Shows positive attitude towards learning
        2. Shows eagerness and curiosity as a learner
    d.   Interaction with others
        1. Participates as a group member within the classroom
        2. Shows empathy and caring for others
        3. Interacts with familiar children and adults
        4. Interacts easily with one or more children
    e. Social Problem-Solving
        1. Seeks adult when needing to resolve conflict

2. Language and Literacy Development
    a. Listening
        1. Demonstrates good listening skills
        2. Follows two step directions
        3. Gains meaning by listening
        4. Develops beginning phonological awareness
    b. Speaking
        1. Speaks clearly enough to be understood by most listeners
        2. Uses expanded vocabulary and language for a variety of purposes
    c. Reading
        1. Shows an interest in books
        2. Begins to develop knowledge about letters
        3. Comprehends and responds to stories read aloud
   Shows interest in letters/words
    a. Writing
        1. Uses scribbles and shapes to write     
        2. Starts to use letter like shapes, symbols, and letters to convey meaning
3. Mathematical/ Scientific Thinking
    a. Numbers and Operations
        1. Shows curiosity and interest in counting and numbers
        2. Shows beginning understanding of number and quantity
    b. Patterns, Relationships, and Functions
        1. Sort objects into groups that vary by one attribute
        2. Identify patterns
        3. Copies simple patterns
    c. Geometry and Spatial Relations
        1. Identifies several shapes
        2. Shows an understanding of several positional words
    d. Inquiry
        1. Makes comparisons among objects

4. Physical Development and Health
    a. Gross Motor Development
        1. Moves with some balance and control
        2. Organizes movements to perform simple tasks
    b. Fine Motor Development
        1. Uses strength and control to perform simple tasks
        2. Uses eye hand coordination to perform simple tasks
        3. Explores various art materials
     c. Personal health and safety
        1. Begins to perform self-care tasks independently
        2. Follows basic health and safety rules with reminders
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