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Our curriculum and play at MyTea Tykes is based on the following guidelines to ensure your child is developing appropriately; socially, emotionally, intellectually, and physically:

1. Social – Emotional
    a. Personal Connections
        1. Reflects attitudes and behaviors of familiar adults.
        2. Shows cautious interest in new people
        3. Imitates adult’s actions.
    b. Feelings about self
        1. Shows comfort with independence, competence, and expressing feelings.
        2. Demonstrates emerging ability to manage own behavior.
        3. Shows awareness of social skills when expressing needs and wants.
    c. Relationships with other children
        1. Shows capacity to play cooperatively with other children.
        2. Responds to other children’s feelings

2. Communication and Language:  Understanding and Communicating
    a. Understands simple directions and questions, some abstract concepts, and simple directions
    b. Uses words and some conventions of speech to express thoughts and ideas.
    c. Participates in conversations.
3. Cognitive Development:  Exploration and Problem Solving
    a. Explores new ways to do things.
    b. Recognizes some colors, size, and shape of items
    c. Uses reasoning when trying to make things happen.

4. Physical Development: Movement and Coordination
    a. Shows coordination skills while moving around and engaging in play activities, or demonstrates increased
body control and combines several movements when participating in play activities.
    b. Demonstrates eye-hand coordination while manipulating and exploring objects.
    c. Participates in self-help activities.
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