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Our curriculum and play in the Waddler Room at MyTea Tykes is based on the following guidelines to ensure your child is developing appropriately; socially, emotionally, intellectually, and physically.

1. Social – Emotional
    a. Personal Connections
        1. A child is able to interact with persons he/she knows.
        2. Shows caution to adults unknown by child.
        3. Imitates adult’s actions.
    b. Feelings about self
        1. Is able to recognize self. (responds to one’s own name)
        2. Expresses self through play and language.
        3. Is able to do things independently.
    c. Relationships with other children
        1. Plays near or interacts with others.
        2. Shares with others at times.

2. Communication and Language: Understanding and Communicating        
    a. Babbles or uses one word to describe items or wants.
    b. Understands simple directions and questions.
    c. Child is aware of reciprocal (back and forth) aspects of conversational exchanges.
    d. Imitates an adult’s sounds and language inflections.
    e. Tries to sing songs and imitates actions.
3. Cognitive Development:. Exploration and Problem Solving
    a. Explores new ways to do things.
    b. Shows beginning concepts of color, size, and shape.
    c. Uses reasoning when trying to make things happen.
    d. Demonstrates understanding of functional relationships. (Ex; Bowl and Spoon)
    e. Tries to make a mechanical toy work after demonstration.

4. Physical Development: Movement and Coordination
    a. Crawls or walks without assistance.
    b. Able to maneuver around objects.
    c. Helps feed self; holds spoon and cup.
    d. Can stack two to four objects
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