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classroom-waddlers.jpgWelcome to the Waddler Room!

Our room is full of energy! All of the children are mobile and ready to go. We try to keep the class moving thru the different activities of the day. The Waddler Room has a flexible schedule that we follow everyday and weekly themes for our activities. We try to do crafts two or three times a week and color more often than that. Now is when your child is learning the building blocks for reading, writing and many other skills so our activities are planning to help with this learning. The children sleep on mats during naptime so you need to supply one. You will also need to bring in wet wipes and diapers. We try to go outside as often as possible. During the summer we try to go out and play at least once every day and if it is too wet to play on the playground, we go on stroller rides. We even try to have a couple of winter fun times – we give plenty of notice and you can choose whether or not your child participates.   
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