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classroom-prek.jpgWelcome to the PreKindergarten room!! In our room we will be doing lots of fun exciting things to learn, grow and prepare for Kindergarten! Every month you will get a calendar of activities to let you know all the exciting things that we will be learning about.

Each day we will have a circle time to learn about our alphabet, days of the week, months of the year, numbers, shapes, birthdays, and weather. Everyday helpers will be picked to help with parts of the day. Be sure to ask your child about their job; they enjoy being picked. We also have a small group scheduled each day where we focus on teaching all the things children aged 4-5 should be learning or have accomplished. Through worksheets, games, and various activities your child will learn all the developmentally appropriate skills they need. Each week a different child is selected to be our special star. We try to spend at least 20-30 minutes outside everyday, longer if the weather is nice. During winter months when it is cold, we plan special days for playing in the snow.

Note: A list of needed school supplies may be sent home with each child from time to time. Please bring those to the center as soon as possible. 
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