MyTea Tykes Child Care, Tea, South Dakota. Where MyTea Tykes learn to accomplish MyTea Things!

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Current Openings:

 Updated 11/01/17


MyTea Tykes Children's Center, Inc
Full Time:                             



Part Time:   



MyTea Tykes Too, Inc
Full Time:                                                                         Float, working 7:30 - 6 1 day off per week               



Part Time:                   

School Age Teacher, M-F 3pm-cl



 After successful completion of 90 days probation:

Delta Dental Insurance
• Company pays 25% of monthly single policy premium
• Cost to employee for single policy is approx $16 per paycheck

Paid Time Off
• Accrue 48 hours paid vacation during first year of employment

Paid Holidays
• Six major holidays paid (New Years, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas)

• Employee pays 100% of premium

Reduced Childcare
• 25% off regular rates for children under 3
• 50% off regular rates for children 3 and over
• Limit of 2 children at reduced rate per employee

Note: To be considered Full Time, employee must be scheduled to work & report to work at least 40 hours per week.