MyTea Tykes Child Care, Tea, South Dakota. Where MyTea Tykes learn to accomplish MyTea Things!

About MyTea Tykes

MyTea Tykes opened on 6/21/07 and MyTea Tykes Too opened 5/5/08. The owners are Scott & Chari Eli.

We knew there was definite need for affordable, quality childcare in the growing town of Tea and surrounding areas. As parents ourselves, we understand how important it is for parents to feel comfortable and secure with the people they entrust to care for their children. We also understand the burden that childcare can take on a family’s finances. We work extremely hard to ensure we are always going above & beyond what our families expect of us. We keep costs as low as possible by doing as much maintenance & repair work ourselves as we can. We want parents to feel that every dollar they spend on their child’s tuition is actually a dollar invested in their child’s education & future.

While we may look like we are playing & having fun all day, we take what we do very seriously. All of our classrooms are geared around preparing your child to enter Kindergarten with confidence and the skills they need to meet or exceed the classroom’s expectations.

We are proud to be the ONLY daycare centers that help the Tea School District each year with its Kindergarten Family Fun Night. This important night exposes incoming Kindergartners & their families to what they need to know before starting school & what the goals of Kindergarten are. Kindergarten Teachers & Elementary School Administrators have told us that it takes them less than 2 weeks to determine which new Kindergarteners went to a structured, learning early childhood environment & which didn’t. They also say that the children who were enrolled in a quality program before starting school tend to struggle less than those who weren’t.

Our goal is to be that top notch quality early childhood learning environment for your child.

About The Owners:

We have been married since 1994 and have 4 children. We live in Tea and love to be involved in all the activities this happening little town has to offer its residents. We are members of Trinity Lutheran Church in Tea. Because we have such a passion for children, we are also foster parents.

Chari grew up in a family with 5 brothers and has always loved being around children. The first time she went to college was to become a social worker. After getting married, moving to South Dakota and having a child, things changed and she obtained her Associates Degree in Accounting. She ran an in-home daycare for over a year in 1998 - 1999 before returning back to the work force. She has been working in business management, childcare and bookkeeping ever since. She holds her CDA (Child Development Associates) degree and is involved with the day-to-day operations of both centers. In her spare time she likes to play the piano, read and spend time with her kids.

Scott has his Associates Degree in Electronics Engineering. He has been working in telecommunications and computers since 1996. He coordinates all the computers, technology, and administers the webcams for the centers. He is also our 'handy man'. He currently works at Missouri River Energy Services in the IT Department. When he has spare time, he likes to go fishing, hunting, play softball and coach his kids’ sport teams.