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Tuition Rates

Effective Date: September 30, 2019



Infant/1's/2's $190
PreS/PreK $165
School Age Summer $135
School Age School $70

Multi-Child Discount:

The youngest child in each family is full price. There is 10% discount off the regular rate for each additional child in the family (except for School Age, School Year).

Protect & Serve Discount:

Enrolling parents who are Veterans, current Tea Volunteer Firefighters, current Tea Volunteer First Responder or current Active/National Guard/Reserves military will receive a 5% discount.
Proof of qualification from the qualifying parent (dependent ID’s not allowed) will be required (annually) by valid ID, military ID, Driver’s License with Veteran notation or DD-214. 

Note: Tuition is due via EFT on Friday for the upcoming week. Care is immediately discontinued if payment is not received by Wednesday at 11am for the current week.  Tuition does not change until the child moves to the next room and is completely potty-trained, regardless of when his/her birthday is.

Part-Time/Extra Day: Families paying part-time rates, but wishing to attend extra days will owe the hourly drop-in rate for the extra day(s). Availability is based on attendance & staffing. Please call ahead. Part time families are required to turn in attendance calendars for the upcoming week no later than Thursday of the current week. If an attendance calendar isn't turned in - the family will be charged the full-time rate for the week. 

Free Days: Full-Time children receive 5 Free Days upon enrollment. One additional day will be added each anniversary enrollment year. Free Days may not be used for Paid Holidays. Free days not used are forfeited. 

Part-time children do not receive Free Days and are expected to pay regardless of attendance.

Drop In Care: $5.00/hr and $2.50 for lunch. No daily minimum. Availability is based on attendance and staffing. Please call ahead.

School Age: Transportation is provided to & from Tea Legacy & Venture Elementary Schools. Late starts and Early Dismissals ARE included in the weekly tuition. There is a $15 per day charge for attendance on No School Days (snow days, holiday break, conferences, etc). Meals are provided on No School Days. 

Drop In Care No School Days: $35. Availability is based on attendance & staffing. Please call ahead.