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We are so excited that you are interested in enrolling your children at our childcare facility. We are committed to providing the best childcare experience for both you and your children.


Registration Packet:
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Here are some of the things you can expect from MyTea Tykes:

1. We do not hire just anyone to care for your children. We do NOT hire ANYONE "on the spot". We look for employees who have experience in childcare or an education in a child-related field & then do the State-mandated background check along with hearing from at least 3 of the potential candidate's references BEFORE we offer employment.

 2. Because we value the knowledge obtained from education, we encourage all of our full-time employees to obtain their CDA (Child Development Associates Degree) and we pay for 50% of their tuition to attend these nationally accredited classes.

3. Each week at the center will each have a theme. Teachers will plan daily activities around those themes. Your child will learn things about their feelings, the community around them, the seasons of the year, friendship, holidays, etc.

4. Each room (from ages 1 and up) will have a circle time during the day. During circle time, your 1 year-old will be taught things like body parts (nose, ears, eyes, feet, etc), animal noises, colors, shapes. Your 2-year old will learn things like colors, shapes, singing songs and coordinating their hands & fingers to do actions to those songs, the ABC's. Your Pre-Schooler will be taught days of the week, months of the year, letters, numbers, counting, English & Spanish. Your Pre-Kindergarten child will be taught how to write his/her name, more letter & number recognition, recognizing words.

5. We will offer fun field trips through-out the year to children ages 2 and up. We will do things like go to the pool (or water park), the zoo, the circus, the post office, the farm, the library, the Apple Orchard, the Pumpkin Patch. We will even offer activities that parents may sign their child up for such as swim lessons or gymnastic lessons.

6. We have installed a camera system in the center that will allow parents to view the happenings of their child's day via a secure website on the internet. This feature will be free to all families who sign up for EFT Tuition Payments.

7. We will provide healthy breakfast, lunch & snack everyday. On the snack menu will be things like hard-boiled eggs, carrots & ranch dressing, fresh-baked muffins or biscuits, low-fat popcorn, crackers & cheese, fresh fruit. At lunch, we will always serve protein, a fruit, a vegetable and milk.

If you ever have any questions, concerns or problems, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to meeting you and your children!

Scott & Chari Eli


Current Openings:

Updated as of 11/01/17

MyTea Tykes Children's Center, Inc
Infants*: 1         
Waddlers*: 0         
Toddlers*: 1
PreS: 3 
PreK: 6
School Age: 8 


 * We only accept FT 5 days per week or PT 4 days per week enrollments in these classes.
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If there are no openings in your child's age group, you can be added onto our waiting list after you turn in the completed paperwork and $20/child registration fee.


MyTea Tykes Too, Inc
Infants*: 2
Waddlers*: 0
Toddlers*: 0
PreS: 5
PreK: 2 
School Age: 3